Current Openings


We are looking for a Small Animal Veterinarian to join our team. Must be able to mix well with an established team. Salary, Benefits, Flexible Schedule and more. If you are interested in working in a small family-oriented clinical setting where you can pursue your passion, help make a great team even better, and enjoy a healthy work-life balance, we would love to speak with you.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

We look for team members who

Get along and can be part of the team

We value people who can get along with each other, bring a positive, professional attitude to the work place, and are ready to work hard. Each team member has a profound impact on the lives of their co-workers and a direct impact on the lives of our clients. We'd like the impact to be a positive one.

Never stop learning and improving

There is always something to learn in this field and something that can be improved to make our experience and our clients' experience at the hospital better. Not that we're looking for constant change everyday, but the ability to recognize if something didn't go as well as it could have and then providing some ways to improve it in the future goes a long way.

Care, like, really care

Our job is to provide service to people and animals in need. That sounds good on paper, however in reality it's often messy, extremely sad, days can be brutally long and at times it's hard to find the rainbow after the rain storm. If you don't genuinely care about animals, their people, and doing your best at all times, this isn't the environment for you.

If you are interested in future employment at our hospital, please send a resume and cover letter to
We will keep your resume on file for when we do have an available position.